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Technology dominates our lives in communication, information, entertainment and commerce. You have a business and want to focus on your mission: we have the technological chops to develop solutions that work in ways that are beautiful, simple and functional. Our desire is to serve you and give you peace of mind, knowing that you can focus on your business and let technology serve your company's growth and value.


Responsive Webdesign

Over 60% of web traffic is from mobile devices. If your website doesn't look and function perfectly on mobile devices, clients go elsewhere. Mobile design is our garuntee.


Just because you have a website doesn't mean people will see it. We make use of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology and social media strategies so that when people search, they find you.

Tech Solutions

Need technology solutions for tedious, time consuming tasks? Reach out to us at Martin Fair and we'll put our best minds on your problems free of charge. We're here to help.


Define the Project

What do you want to achieve with the website? What functions will bring value to your company? Finally, what is audience? These are key questions which stand at the foundation of a valuable website for your company.


Once the goal and audience of your website are specified, it is imperative to plan out the project well so that everyone is operating on the same frequency and always abreast of the progress.

First Sketch

Websites are not merely functional tools. Functionality is contingent upon getting the layout right. Navigation and access to information should be simple, intuitive and ready at hand.


Websites are every bit as much pieces of art as technological projects at Martin Fair. We carefully consider every detail from the use of color to the amount of white space. It is essential that your brand is represented well and beautifully.


By 2020 - less than five years - most people will only use mobile devices. If your site doesn't look and work great on mobile devices, internet users will search elsewhere. We adhere to Google's princple that HTML, CSS and JavaScript should be under 60kb respectively so your site is fast and fluid on even the slowest of mobile phones.


You only get one chance to launch and make an impression. We understand how people become stressed before such momentous events. We want to give you peace of mind knowing that your launch will make you proud and be a delight for your clients.

Webdesign Pricing

Every plan includes responsive HTML5, CSS and JavaScript design so that your site looks and functions great on computers, tablets and phones.

1-3 Page

5+ Pages

10+ Pages


Search Engine Optimization

Having a fantastic website doesn't matter if people can't find it. If you own a restaurant and someone types in food, your restaurants name should come up at the top of the list. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential technology that we bake into our sites but requires contstant updating if you are to remain visible on modern search engines.

Social Media

Social Media isn't just where High School students hang out, it is the digital Areopagus. You need a plan and a way to execute a true and compelling presence in this space so that this powerful tool assists in the growth of your company. We love to counsel and assist our clients in dynamite social media usage.

Analytics Reports

Websites should become the gateway to valuable information that allows you to serve your clients better. Website analytics will allow you to know which sites people come to yours from, what pages they view on your site, how much time they are there and where they go after they view your site. At Martin Fair we want to provide you with this information so that your company flourishes.

Marketing Pricing




Security and Maintenance

Security and Plugin Updates

Websites do not maintain themselves. They live in a fascinating, beautiful but ultimately dangerous environment. We make beautiful, personally tailored and functional websites but without maintenance and vigilance the investment can be sullied by hackers and viruses. That is why we offer security and update services to ensure that your customers' trust in your company is pristine and the investment in your website is secure.


All of our recommended host servers back up your website. It has happened in the past and it will happen in the future that servers can become compromised and attacked. When customers make use of our personal backup services they can rest assured that their site is not only backed up on a server but that an offline hard copy is kept secure and safe at Martin Fair.

Database Security

Your website operates on a database. Our database security service ensures that privileges are restricted, your 'wp-admin' 'wp-includes' and 'wp-config' files are reviewed and secure so that you can rest easily. Lastly, we log your site and monitor the activity of those same logs to ensure that there is no suspicious behavior or activity. Securing your site is our first priority.

Security and Maintenance Pricing





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